Aromatherapy is a medical specialty in itself. It uses the power of essential oils to improve health & well being either by topical application or by inhalation. It is different from perfume, even though they may smell similarly, because perfumes are often synthetically produced & do not contain the medicinal ingredients found in essential oils.

 Essential Oils are:

·Subtle volatile liquids distilled from God given plants, flowers, roots, seeds & trees;

·They help create an environment unfriendly towards disease, bacteria, viruses & fungi;

·The olfactory nerve (nasal system), responds to scent very quickly, unlocks odor memory & releases emotions through the inhalation of essential oils. This in turn enhances emotional wellness, by promoting relaxation or by stimulating mental capacity;

·They do not remain in the body, they leave no traces behind but rather initiate a process of healing;

·They are able to stimulate tissue regeneration;

·Therapeutic grade is dependent on the specific distillation process, therefore quality is very important;

·They contain oxygenating molecules;

·They act as a catalyst in the biochemistry of the plant & behave similarly in us;

·They are gentle & non-invasive; and

·They help maintain optimum health – a great preventative & immune support!