"Always wonderful!  I feel so relaxed and centered after a session."



"Thank you for everything.  I appreciate that you listen to the issue and take action to help the problem.  You seem to care a great deal for your clients and that is very refreshing."



"Excellent!  I feel so cared for.  Hazel, you have a gift you understand people on a deep level.  Thank you!"



"Don't even think about it - book an appointment for yourself.  It is an amazing and valuable experience."



"Unbelievable!  The most amazing massage I have had the pleasure of receiving in my life.  I really feel great.  Thank you so much - you have an amazing talent."



"Hazel's ability to read the energy field of the human body is amazing.  She completely involves herself, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually in the treatments that she delivers to the needing body and soul.  Her gifts are limitless.  She has truckloads of compassion and genuine passion for what she does and that is so rarely experienced.  I simply wish to extend my complete appreciation for what she does.  I am very grateful to her and the power that she has.
Thank you!"



"Since treatment I've noticed that my headaches have decreased considerably, I have more mobility in my neck and shoulders, I'm sitting straighter, sleeping better and not waking up with tingling and numbness in my arms and hands.  Hazel is very calm and professional - Thank You!"